IRAN FOOD

Food is part of each nation’s life and culture. You will find a variety of different local dishes in Iran when you travel across the country.

Typically, most of the restaurants present a menu including starters, main courses, deserts and drinks.


    1)      Starter in Iranian Menus:

  •     Tomato soup, vermicelli soup
  •     Season Salad or Cabbage Salad
  •     Kashke  bademjan(mixed eggplant with whey)
  •     Mirza Ghasemi(mixed eggplant ,tomato and egg)
  •     Yogurt


        2)      Main Course in Iranian Menus:

  •        lamb kebab, chiken kebab, beef kebab, shishlik  kebab, mixed kebab
  •       Zereshk Polo: rice with saffron, barberries, and chicken.
  •       Baqali Polo: rice with herbs, broad beans and lamb shank or chicken.
  •       Sabzi Polo: rice with herbs and fish
  •       Albaloo Polo: rice with sour cherries and chicken
  •        Shirain Polo: rice with saffron, orange skin and chicken
  •       Lubia Polo: rice with green beans and lamb pieces
  •        Fish
  •       dizi


         3)       Desert in Iranian Menus:

        Having a large variety of deserts cannot be seen at Iranian menus. People tend to have a cup of tea at home in Iran. When they eat out, they have deserts like:


      •      Traditional Ice Cream
      •      Tea 
      •      Instant Coffee
      •      Cookie  
      •      Fruit

      Soft drinks:

      Carbonated drinks like Colas, Orange an lemon drinks are available in different international and domestic brands. Fruit juices are also sold in fresh or packed format. There is a malta beverage which is called Ma-o-shaeer which is usually refered as aclohol free beer or Islamic beer!

      Things to know

      Most Iranian meals are eaten with a spoon and fork, but visitors may choose a Western dish and eat with a knife and fork. The consumption of alcohol is strictly forbidden.



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