16 Days Tour

16 DAYS TOUR                              


Day 01:Tehran

  • Arrive to Tehran, meet guide & transfer to hotel. City tour of Tehran including Archeological Museums, Its massive collections includes a stone capital of the winged lion from Susa and a 6th century B.C. audience hall relief of Darius the Great from the Treasury at Persepolis. The museum’s exhibits date from 4500 B.C. to contemporary times visit Carpet Museum housing some of the most beautiful carpets & tapestries in the Islamic world & Sa’adabad Palace, Sa’adabad Gardens of the former Shah, the location of his secondary palace which has now been converted into a museum. 

Day 02: Tehran/Hamedan

  • Early morning drive to Hamadan, one of the oldest inhabited towns in the world. An afternoon tour of Hamadan will include a stop at the charming waterfall Ganjnameh before proceeding to the magnificent and dominating Avecinna Memorial and Baba Taher Tombs. Next follows a visit to Ester and Murducai the most important Jewish pilgrimage sight in Iran. Before we lose ourselves in the maze that is the colorful oriental Bazaar of Hamadan, we pay a visit to the famous 14th century Stone Lion.

Day 03: Hamadan/Kermanshah 

  • Depart in the morning for Kermanshah via Bi-Sotoun, where the famous bas reliefs are carved out of a dramatic mountain. This region hosts the most interesting and famous archeological sites in Iran. We view many Achaemenian inscriptions including one of about 1200 lines where we get insight into the hard fought battle of Darius, defeating the governors who tried to dismantle the Empire. Leaving the famous Tablets of Darius we visit the Temple of Anahita, the goddess of abundance and the guardian of water in ancient Iran. In the evening we visit the traditional bazaar in Kermanshah where we’ll have the opportunity to sharpen our bargaining skills. 

Day 04: Kermanshah /Ahwaz 

  • Travel south on a scenic countryside drives to Ahwaz.

Day 05: Ahwaz – Susa – Ahwaz 

  • Excursion to Susa, one of the oldest archaeological sites in Iran. This prehistoric settlement (from at least 4000 B.C. and an important Elamite city) reached peak under the reign of Untash Gal, who built Susa as his administrative capital and founded Tchogha Zanbil as his religious center. Tchogba Zanbil remains the best surviving example of Elamite architecture. Back to Ahwaz.

Day 06: Ahwaz/Shiraz 

  • After breakfast, depart for Shiraz visiting also the famous Sassanid Reliefs and Palace of BishapourShiraz is traditionally known as city of Roses and Nightingales.

Day 07: Shiraz – Persepolis – Naghsh-e Rostam – Shiraz 

  • Excursion to magnificent Achaemenian city of Perspolis (57 Km northeast of Shiraz). Persepolis is the last and ultimate expression of the ancient Middle East. Nearly 2500 years ago, construction for its magnificent structure was begun by Darius the Great with the intent to make it the focus of the mighty Achemenian Empire. Our tour will also include the Naqsh-e-Rustam where hewn out of a cliff rest the tombs believed to be of Darius I and II, Atraxerxes and Xerxes I. 

Day 08: Shiraz
  • Full day city tour for  exploring Shiraz where we start with a visit to the picturesque Eram Garden, famous for its cypress trees. Next we visit the tombs of Persia’s best-known poets: Saadi and Hafiz. Continue to "modern” Nasirol-Molk mosque and the pretty Afif-Abad Garden followed by a visit to the Church of Saint Simmon the Zealot with the famed stained glass windows. This wonderful day culminates with a trip to a labyrinthine bazaar. 

Day 09: Shiraz/Kerman
  • Depart for Kerman with stop at en-route visit the Sassanian Palace at Sar’vestan.


Day 10: Kerman – Mahan – Rayen – Kerman

  • 35 kms from Kerman toward bam lays Mahan, with its mausoleum of Shah Nematollah Vali, a 15th century sufi dervish. Mahan also boasts the pleasant Shaadeh historical garden, or Bagh-e Tarikhi, fom the Qajar period. Continue to Rayen to visit Rayen citadel and back K


Day 11: Kerman – Yazd 

  • Half day city tour of Kerman to visit Jame mosque the classical Iranian model of "blue” & Ganj Ali Khan complex, Ganj Ali Khan bath and ethnological Museum  in the Vakil Bazaar(traditional tea-house). This building houses an interesting exhibition of good waxworks of men in various poses and costumes set in a traditional but no longer operational bath house. Drive to Yazd en route visit Zeinoddine caravanserai.


Day 13: Yazd/Esfahan 

  • Depart on a beautiful drive to Esfahan, which was a vibrant trade center, and its glorious Islamic architecture and beautiful gardens, captured the hearts of many with the saying: "Esfahan is half the World”.

Day 14: Esfahan

  • Start city tour of Esfahan to visit to the Emam Khomeini Square. This majestic square, built in 1612, is constantly bustling with activity. Then, we take in the beautifully proportioned and decorated 17th century Masjed-e Sheikh Lotfollah and then off to see the magnificent Emam Mosque – one of the most stunning buildings in Iran. We will try to include a visit to a local school continue to  visit to Ali Qapu Palace followed by a tour of the most impressive pavilion and garden, Chehel Sutoon Palace (40 pillars palace - in reality there are 20 pillars with 20 water reflections) built with 40 pillars by Shah Abbas. We finish off this day of exploration with a trip to the most famous bazaar in Iran.

Day 15: Esfahan/Tehran 

  • Drive to Tehran, stop at Kashan, an attractive oasis town, and take in its attractive sights. Visit Tabatabaie Houses and Khan-e Borujerdi, built as a private residence, now a charming museum with a lovely courtyard. We then take in the famous Fin Garden and witness its breathtaking pools, orchards and natural springs. Next visit Agha Bozorg Mosque famous for its lovely portals and minarets. After lunch, visit the exquisite Shrine of Fatima in Qum and later we view the Tomb of Ayatollah Khomeini.

Day 16: Depart Tehran

  • Today we exchange addresses with our new friends and bid farewell to ancient Persia

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